The ABC of Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

Those who want a great flooring to suit their budget and superior decor taste, often opt for vinyl flooring. This option is a favourite with many people for its affordability, durability and style. It was manufactured for the first time in 1930s and slowly reached high levels of popularity. Here are some things you may want to know that will make it easy to decide whether to install it in your home or not.

  • Patterns and designs

When going for vinyl tiles, the wide variety of patterns and colours will surely impress you. The options are literally endless these days as composite and solid vinyls are combined for creation of numerous random and unique prints. You can also choose printed vinyl which is really versatile and can resemble natural stone or hardwood. Those who are really creative often mix and match the various material facades together for decorating and give a unique appearance to the interiors.

  • Comfort

The endurance factor of this material does not have any room for question and despite huge foot traffic it can still manage to look beautiful. It is comfortable to walk on and absorbs sounds. This may be important for those of you who have pets or kids. It’s wonderful insulation property ensures that it does not become cold even in the harshest winters and in summers it maintains a moderate temperature.

  • Installation

The installation process is easy and simple and sometimes you do not even require professional assistance. Even if you are a novice you can do it with no trouble. You simply have to go through a couple of do-it-yourself videos and you are ready to start.

  • Cleaning and maintenance

Maintenance of vinyl floor tiles is quite minimal. The floor can be kept sparkling with just regular sweeping and occasional wiping with a damp mop. There is a clear layer on the surface of printed tiles that protects the floors from stain and spills. It is immune to fading, moisture, scratches; its shine can be seldom tampered with. In fact, due to this attribute it is often used in heavy action areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Affordability

The main reason for the extreme popularity of this material is the fact that it can suit every budget. Even if you need an upgrade from sheets and tiles, the luxury vinyl proves to be extremely reasonable. Manufacturers even offer a warranty of 15 years or more.

Considering functionality and affordability, there can be no substitute for this option. So go ahead and select from a vast array of choices to beautify your homes and interiors.

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