Luxury Laminate Floor Trends 2021

Flooring plays a crucial role in the enhancement of your home environment. Whether classic or luxurious, interior flooring refreshes the surroundings completely. Laminate flooring is considered to be one of the top and trending options to increase your home value. The laminate flooring offers an affordable way to get your home a dream wood look.

Let’s Discover Luxury Laminate Flooring Trends You Can See In 2021:


Trending Laminate Flooring Textures


1. Reclaimed-Wood look laminate flooring style:

Durable, unique, and slight green reclaimed flooring has taken off quickly. Reclaimed woods are old wood materials that are refurbished and recycled. It’s not that for reclaimed laminate flooring, old material is used. It is the copy of the reclaimed wood style to give your home a blend of classic and modern look.

2. Embossed in registered Laminate Flooring style:

It is one of the moves for laminate flooring trends. Embossed in the texture of the registered surface provides laminate flooring with a natural wood look. The realistic and enchanting wood texture refreshes your place at a lower price as compared to solid hardwood.

3. Distressed-Wood looks laminate flooring style:

The difference between distressed laminate and distressed solid wood is the manufacturing. The cuts and scraps in the former are constructed artificially, while the latter has this beauty naturally. The best thing about distressed laminate wood plank is that you get the additional convenience of easy maintenance.



Laminate Color Trends


1. Whitewashed Laminate Flooring Trends:

It’s a west coast trend that is spreading across the country. Whitewashed flooring is excellent for kitchen floors. The attractive feature of whitewashed flooring is that it has black wear lines that spread across the plank showing a typical wood.

Whitewashed flooring makes your home brighter and comfortable. What’s more relaxing than having a vast place to live in?

2. Light wood laminate:

An inexpensive and attractive flooring is light wood laminate. It does not only give a smooth touch to your home but also the feel of comfort too. Like white floors, it does not get untidy over time.

3. Gray Laminate:

A warm and grave look to your room adds serenity to the environment. Gray floors have exponentially increased over time. Gray is just in for floors as well as walls. For a cool, serene, and contemporary home, choose gray laminate flooring.



Laminate Flooring Layout and Pattern Trends


1. Herringbone Laminate Flooring:

If you are in search of a streamlined style, go for herringbone. It is a decorative pattern with two little planks joined at a 90-degree angle. For halls and gateways, herringbone looks perfect.

2. Chevron Laminate Floors:

Chevron is in trend for the last ten years. However, it has changed its style over time. To create an attractive floor, you can get laminate planks with a chevron design. With light and dark patterns on chevron planks, you can set your dining room to give a spacious touch.

3. White Plank Laminate floor:

To give your room a less busy, wider, and comfortable look, you can pick wide plank laminate flooring. Similarly, shorter but wide planks create a traditional look.


Laminate flooring trends are emerging increasingly. For years to come, traditional and natural touch will remain in trend. Go for the most natural-looking laminate flooring to add a touch of natural beauty to your home.

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