Best Laundry Room Flooring Options

A laundry room is a space that should be attractive, functional, and comfortable to work in. If you are concerned to know what flooring to use in the laundry room then go through the below-given flooring options. This will guide you in choosing an appropriate flooring for your laundry room based on its layout, size, and dimensions.

Examine the Laundry Room – Is it moisture-resistant or not?

Do you know moisture and humidity is one of the prominent concerns with laundry room grounds? There can be various reasons because of which water can cause problems. For example, in destructive events, an individual can come across with problems like a clogged drainpipe, a damaged water supply pipe, and much more. In such conditions, if you wash clothes for a shorter period of time then also some amount of water is always available in laundry rooms. Hence, these problems are unavoidable. Therefore, one should choose a moisture-resistant laundry room flooring option for effortless working.

Laundry Room Flooring Options

#1. Sheet Vinyl Flooring

This type of flooring is best to get rid of moisture-related problems in flooring. Sheet Vinyl Flooring is used as a moisture-proof ground covering which is feasible to use in a laundry room. This type of sheet is available in 12-foot-wide rolls which helps to avoid seaming problems. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable and reasonable waterproof laundry room covering option then Sheet Vinyl can be the appropriate choice. It is manufactured with a thermoplastic rubber wall base which is generally a type of baseboard.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring


#2. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Such floorings are reasonable for high-end availabilities and settings. If you need to know the difference between Vinyl Flooring / Luxury Flooring then it is related to its lifespan. The installation of luxury vinyl flooring will last for longer period approximately 25 years while regular vinyl flooring will last for 10 to 15 years. Hence, individuals can consider this as the appropriate laundry room flooring option. Another advantage that luxury vinyl flooring consists is of 48 inches long plank which is like real wood in appearance from a distance. The thickness of LVF is 7mm which is easy to install for an individual. The flooring is affordable to purchase as well as completely made up of waterproof materials.

Vinyl flooring Hamilton

#3. Tile Flooring

An affordable and durable laundry room flooring materials are ceramic and porcelain tiles. These are available at a reasonable cost as well as simple to clean. If the tile flooring is installed appropriately then you can see great results. These ground floorings are solvent-proof which is hard to stay for longer periods. The tile flooring will not be affected by using bleach or products which are based on petroleum. The users can avail a huge range of style options in tile flooring.

#4. Concrete Flooring

Normally, people do consider Concrete Flooring in their laundry rooms. In such a process, there is no need to install a floor covering, and hence it is considered a reliable and durable flooring choice for laundry rooms. These floor coverings are easy to clean and generally available as waterproof.

#5. Laminate Flooring

For decades, people are aware that economical flooring which is easy to install on their own is “Laminate Flooring.” These floorings are reasonable and inexpensive. An individual can use laminate flooring in their laundry rooms which are easy to clean and install. 

#6. Engineered Wood Flooring

This type of flooring is a little bit expensive but seems attractive. Engineered wood flooring gives a real wood texture feeling to homes which is made up of a high-quality plywood base. Also, one of the major advantages of using such flooring for a laundry room is that it is least affected by moisture. People who are home buyers choose this kind of floor covering as they find it more appropriate than solid hardwood.

hardwood flooring

#7. Solid Wood Flooring

The best flooring is made up of hardwood species known as Solid wood flooring. These are generally hard materials in which companies use oak, maple, and cherry flooring. The solid wood flooring can be sanded as much as times possible and it looks good and attractive.


Therefore, one should understand all types of flooring before finalizing laundry room covers. As per the above-mentioned points, now you must be aware of what flooring to use in the laundry room which can help you from moisture and delivers an attractive look. It completely depends upon the choice of the user and their requirement for developing the laundry room flooring. If an individual gives priority to durability over looks, then it is advisable to go with the concrete ground, tile, and sheet vinyl flooring. People who are concerned with looks and appearance to have an attractive floor can choose engineered wood, laminate, or hardwood flooring. It recommends going through all the advantages and disadvantages of different flooring. After complete analysis, choose the best one which suits your need. 

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