Engineered Flooring


As a convenient alternative to solid wood flooring, engineered floors have worldwide acceptance. It’s a unique flooring solutions that is gaining popularity due to its versatility, durability and aesthetic excellence. Comprising of several layers of wood, engineered material comes with an extended longevity than the solid wood. At Hardwood Design Centre, we manufacture an assortment of exclusive engineered floors, each of which reflects the diverse taste and preference of our clients and customer.

Today, people are becoming extremely conscious about the aesthetic elegance as well a functionality, when it comes to purchasing any household products. With engineered floors, both of these purposes are aptly met. At Hardwood Design Centre, we design every different shades of wood ranging from white to dark black.

Here’s why you should choose an engineered floors:

Durable setting – Formed of different wood layers, the engineered floor becomes extremely durable. They offer perfect resistance against sinking.

Moisture resistant – Engineered floors are way better than solid floors in resisting moisture. Hence, they are less prone to damage due to moisture.

Versatile – Engineered floors are designed with several layers of wood and hence they are versatile in terms of design as well as functionality. This is something you can’t find in solid wooden floors.

Hassle-free installation – Our engineered floors are easy to install and comes with DIY kits. Hence, it’s quite easy to install even without professional assistance.

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