Important Factors to Consider while Choosing Floors

Choosing the floors of your home can be quite challenging. With a plethora of options flooding stores, it can be pretty confusing for home owners to understand what is best for them. One has to choose from solid hardwood, engineered wood, laminates, vinyl, linoleum, porcelain or ceramic tiles to name a few. However, considering a few key factors and answering some questions will make the task less complicated for them. Here we list out a few things that one needs to consider before zeroing in on any particular type of flooring.

  1. For which part of the house are you choosing floors?

This is perhaps the most important factor that one needs to bear in mind. Places like the kitchen or the dining area is more prone to spills, while basements and bathrooms are more prone to humidity and hallways, passages or entry points are high traffic zones. You have to base your decision on these factors. For these areas you have to opt for floors that are highly durable, resistant to moisture and low on maintenance.

Hardwood Floor

  1. Do you have pets or children?

If yes, then you have to go for solid hardwood floors that are extremely durable and are resistant to scratches. Though scratches can be mended, it is always a good idea to have surfaces that are durable and scratch proof. Also you need to keep in mind whether any of your family members suffer from any allergies, sensitivities or respiratory problems. Some floors have chemical components that aggravate such conditions. It is best to steer clear of such options if any member of your family is a sufferer.

  1. What is your budget?

As a home owner you need to decide upon a budget and then choose floors accordingly. Installation costs are something that are mostly hidden and are not factored in while preparing an estimate. The total cost of flooring would include installation costs along with the cost of the floor. Also if you go for a DIY project then you can completely save on the installation costs. It is important that you create a budget and look for options that fit in! You can be on the lookout for special schemes and discounts from suppliers which result in considerable savings.

  1. Do you want no-maintenance flooring?

With some floors you can simply install and forget about it. Such floors do not require much in terms of maintenance while some floors are high on maintenance if you wish to retain the look and luster. For example tiles, vinyl, laminates are comparatively low on maintenance in contrast to solid hardwood or engineered floors.

In addition to all the above factors that are crucial in selecting floors for your house, you can also place carpets or rugs in high traffic areas to protect the floors. Vacuuming, dusting or sweeping them at regular intervals also goes in a long way in preserving the way they look.

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