Cleaning Hardwood Floors- Some Life-Saving Tips and Tricks

Hardwood floors lend a gorgeous, old-world charm to any home. To keep the appeal intact, the flooring must be free from dust, stains and spots. Ensure that your wooden tiles are in top shape by following some cleaning tips that can turn out to be life-savers.

  • Daily vacuuming

Most experts swear by the daily vacuuming trick. According to them, keeping floor clean will always yield great results. If you do not have the time to vacuum daily, then you can use a dust mop and some cleaning agent instead. Doing this daily will ensure that pet hair, dust and dirt scratch the ground as less as possible. The hose attachment is the one to use to suck up all the trapped dirt.

  • Waxing

Remember to give your wooden flooring a dose of waxing on a periodic basis.

  • Damp mops

While mopping, the mop needs to be damp but not completely wet. It must be moistened with a mixture of water and some dish-washing liquid and wrung out completely. Also, go with the grain when rubbing the floors. A small tip for a beautiful shine is gently wiping with a cooled mixture of tea and boiling water. After the cleaning, switch on a fan or air-conditioner for quick drying.

  • Buffing floors

Generally, some soapy residue is left after you have washed the tiles which can hamper the shine over a period of time. To remove that use a dry cloth to buff the floors in circular motions and see it sparkle.

  • Microfiber dusting pads

These are easily available in most supermarkets and the softness reduces chances of scratches. One with a fringe is preferable and make sure that it is not lifted too much while running across the floorboards. Frequent lifting will lead to larger debris getting trapped under it which may result in grazes. In case you fail to find these pads, use anything that is soft, fibrous and does not scratch.

  • Say no to harsh cleaning agents

Vinegar is considered to be a miracle worker, potent enough to get rid of a vast variety of stains. However, in case of hardwood flooring, avoid using it completely as the acidic nature harms the finish and makes it dull. Also, when selecting cleaning agents, say no to anything which may be abrasive and includes ammonia. Something which is pH-neutral is your best bet.

Whenever in doubt, opt for professional help. If you feel hesitant about cleaning agents then your local hardware store will definitely be able to help you out.

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