Way to waterproof your wood flooring

Hardwood Flooring in Hamilton provide best way to waterproof wood flooring. First of all Wood floors are not 100% waterproof. But with the help of applying water resistant  we can maximize the lifespan of wood flooring.

Way to waterproof your wood flooring :

Preparing the floor or room

To prepare your floor for a waterproofing product application, you need to clear the room, clean the floor thoroughly and repair if any damage. Vacuum or sweep the floor until it is completely clean.

Sanding the floor

it is very important to sending the floor because it removes any extra  finish that may be present in your floor This gives you a fresh surface which you can now work with. You can buff the floor There are two types of buffing: spray and dry. Spray buffing uses a liquid to remove dirt from the floor and create a glossy look but before it ensure that you achieve a well-prepped and smooth surface that will respond well to waterproofing.


First and Second Coat

It’s best using 3 coats of water-based polyurethane for excellent results. This is vital for the first floor of your home and areas with high traffic. (I.e. entryway, family room, kitchen). Ideally, the first and second coat should be applied within a 24-hour period. You should leave them to dry for additional 24hours before you apply the final or third coat.

Final Coat

3 coats gives you more protection and an extra buffing so it will smooth the surface more and show the wood’s imperfections less. First check that you remove all foot traffic and furniture 24 hours after you have applied the final coat. This is an important consideration because the spot that fixes at this point becomes extremely hard to remove.

Here Various  Water Resistant Finishes


Polyurethane is one of the most durable finishes and comes in a variety of sheen. Lacquer provides a shiny, water-resistant finish. water-based and oil-based finish both are available in polyurethane. Oil based poly has an amber hue, whereas water based poly is clear. An oil based polyurethane will continue to amber and darken over time, while water based poly will remain clear for the lifetime of the hardwood floor.This is a perfect choice for dense traffic areas.


It is suitable for low traffic area. They have minimum  water resistant properties compared to other types of finishes .Oil sealer or penetrating oil sealer is a wise choice if you’re planning on finishing your hardwood floors yourself.It doesn’t dry as hard as the polyurethane.



Moreover, varnish fills the wood pores and prevents them from collecting dust, making it easier to keep the floor clean. Varnish provides sufficient resistant to water and are easier to repair when they are accidentally damaged.

Hardwood floors are not generally 100 % waterproof  so  you need to apply any of the above water-resistant finishes to make them extremely long lasting .

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