Are You searching Hardwood flooring and Laminate Flooring in Brampton ?

Hardwood Design Center sale both Hardwood flooring and Laminate Flooring in Brampton , Here complete guide about Hardwood flooring versus Laminate flooring.

Hardwood Flooring is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance, but it looks magnificent since its solid wood. Laminate flooring is synthetic, making it more affordable, and it’s also more durable than hardwood flooring .

If we cared properly hardwood  flooring is forever whereas laminate flooring may need to be replaced in 25 to 30 years.

Hardwood flooring is made of 100% wood, whereas laminate flooring is made of fiberboard with a photographic and made from pressed wood.

Laminate flooring will have a repeating pattern.  Hardwood flooring is made from solid wood, so every board will be different.

Hardwood flooring usually requires professional installation whereas installation of laminate flooring very easy.

Hardwood flooring is an expensive, premium flooring material whereas Laminate flooring Very inexpensive.

Hardwood flooring is very attractive building material . Even cheaper species of real hardwood are  more attractive than laminate’s artificial “premium” exotic species.

In Hardwood flooring Minor and major damage can be repaired and it is easy to refinished multiple times throughout its life.

In Laminate flooring Minor scratches can be repaired, but if any major problems, new flooring needs to be installed . Laminate is made of composite wood that’s why cannot be refinished.

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