Solid Hardwood or Laminate?

For Canadian homeowners, solid hardwood and laminate flooring is a popular choice. Both flooring products are easy to clean and hygienic because they lack dust storing elements, present in other types of flooring, such as carpet fibers or grout lines that store dust. These flooring products are considered a great investment as they can add up to 10 percent on the re-sale price tag of your home. For pet-friendly homes, Hardwood Design Centre offers a wide selection of pet-friendly, Solid Hardwood and Laminate, flooring planks.

The universe creates plank designs for Solid Hardwood! They are unique and exclusive adding that rich, natural and gorgeous look to your home. Laminate is a photographic sheet that looks like real solid Hardwood flooring. A look close to Solid Hardwood is reproduced by laminate flooring boards. While Solid Hardwood is solid wood from top to bottom, laminate planks are multi-layered; the first layer is a photographic sheet below, which are HDF (High Density Fiber) layers.

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Solid Hardwood has been one of the most bankable flooring options for many years now. Many consumers select hardwood flooring since it is a one-time, long-term investment, most hardwood floors can be sanded and re-finished to give the same floor a fresh new look. Solid Hardwood is a long-term investment of one time, maximum value, good for a couple of decades. Laminate’s life span is comparatively shorter. Most Hardwood Design Centre laminates have a residential warranty of about 30 years. Solid hardwood is comparatively more durable; high levels of impact could be tolerated. However, laminate is moderately susceptible to heavy object impact resistance.

Laminate may be a better choice when installing floors below ground level because the option to floor Solid Hardwood is not recommended below grade. Laminate has a wear layer to protect against regular scratches (pet scratch / heels), which first gets damaged before the damage gets deeper. Hardwood Design Centre has a wide range of price points for both Solid Hardwood and Laminate that mostly fits most types of budget. Generally, however, Laminate is the more cost-effective option.

Laminate or Hardwood, it all depends upon your preference! They’re both easy to clean, great investment, and have pet-friendly options available. Some consumers would choose Solid Hardwood over Laminate, while others might choose Laminate over Solid Hardwood. If you’re confused, call and discuss with a sales representative from the Hardwood Design Centre. We’re going to be happy to help.


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