Hardwood Flooring and Pets

Are you worried about the scratches on your hardwood floor that occur when your pets play? Or do you hesitate to buy hardwood floors because you have got pets at home? We have listed some tips you may use to make your hardwood flooring extra pet-friendly.

Tip 1: Chose lighter colors and textured surfaces when shopping for Hardwood.

Choosing lighter colors and more textured surfaces won’t prevent scratches, but it will minimize noticeable scratches and dents. Hand-scrapped or wire brushed hardwood floors are some options that you can choose to hide minor imperfections, dents, marks or scratches that may occur.

Tip 2: Re-Finish Wear Layer

Wear and tear of any flooring is a natural process. Over time, all kinds of flooring will show signs of ageing. However, Hardwood flooring has a thin wear layer. Therefore, damage from scratches occurs first in this thin layer keeping the real wood underneath damage free. It is possible to refinish the wear layer by daintily scraping it and applying a layer of finished coat on top. A wood-flooring professional with the best possible equipment will evaluate only a small measure of the flooring surface to make such fixes. Another layer of the finished coat is applied after the scratches are eliminated.

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Tip 3: Carpets, furniture pads, trimming pet nails, etc.

Scratches on hardwood floors could be minimized by setting carpets in areas where pets play the most, cutting pet nails, placing pads on furniture legs, and by avoiding walking on floors in athletic spikes or high heels.

Tip 4: Select hardwood, wood species.

Hardwood flooring is rarely scratch-free; however, some hardwood floors may be able to handle pet’s claws better than others. Various wood species used in hardwood flooring production offer different hardness. There are incredibly softwood species, like Black Walnut; and at the other end of the spectrum, there are incredibly hardwood species, like Bolivian Cherry. A wood species’ hardness will determine how drastic a dent will be if something hits the wood’s surface. The Janka Hardness Rating ranks every species of wood on a scale and includes most species of wood, both domestic and exotic.

No hardwood flooring is a cure-all to prevent scratches completely. However, picking the right hardwood flooring can help minimize noticeable damages from scratches significantly. For a customer, it is best that the vendor is knowledgeable and experienced. Hardwood Design Centre has been in business for a few decades, and we are always here to help!

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