Why You Need to Choose Canadian Hardwood Flooring

When it comes flooring your house using hardwood, you may be confused when selecting the best hardwood flooring that suits your new house. You are likely to get a lot of views on reasons why hardwood flooring from a specific area is preferred compared to others. This article will give reasons why Canadian hardwood flooring is considered the best flooring option compared to the rest in the market. The good thing about Canadian flooring is that it provides homeowners several options that they can choose from. Canada is a land that has the most extensive forest cover in our world today.

Main Features of Canadian Harwood Flooring

Canada hardwoods are respected in the global flooring market because of their high-quality and impeccable characteristics. Some of the commonly used Canadian hardwoods for flooring purposes include maple, ash, birch and of course beech. This article explores some of the unique characteristics that make the best in the market as discussed below:

– They are strong

Canada has a cold climate, and this works wonders in making the wood to grow a bit slower, resulting in stronger and lighter wood. That is what makes these hardwoods ideal materials for flooring. Architects and Designers are always searching for ways of incorporating these hardwoods into their building plans.

-Environmentally Sound

Canada has one of the strict environmental regulations in the whole world. Therefore if you obtain such hardwood from Canada know that it was not acquired illegally. Canada has the best forests in the whole world.

-You Have Choices

Since there are various kinds of hardwood flooring at your disposal in Canada, you have various options to select from to get the kind of flooring you desire. Whether you need oak or maple hardwood flooring, you can get in the Canadian varieties. There are numerous flooring options to choose from. This is another reason why Canadian hardwood floors are considered the best.

-EU Timber Regulations

Canada is a country that follows all the EU timber regulations strictly when installing their hardwood floors. Thus you do not have to worry about the floors becoming an environmental hazard.

The hardwood is sourced using lawful means and using eco-friendly procedures. Other providers who obtain their wood illegally will not produce flooring that is of high quality compared to the Canadian one. When you are searching for hardwood flooring, make sure that the wood is obtained legally and is harvested using environmentally friendly procedures.

-Easy to Maintain

When you have Canadian hardwood floors in your home, you only need to vacuum and sweep as one of the routine maintenance. You do not need to use floor protectors on the furniture that are on your floor.

-It’s Affordable

Hardwood floors are a lifetime investment and increase the value of your home. That is why Canadian
hardwood floors are prevalent and preferable when remodeling your home.

-It’s trusted

Canadian hardwood flooring merely is the best in the world. They are trusted because they are strong, Canada follows strict EU timber regulations and high-quality hardwood types are only found in the Canadian forests.

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