Tips on how to protect your floor during a move

Moving to a new home is a very interesting experience. However, the process is often a daunting task especially when you want to unpack your belongings and ready your habitation for a good stay. Be it as it may, to ensure that all things are in order as you acclimatize to your new home is always not fun; especially when the weather is not conducive.

Besides, it is always important to keep your belongings safe as you move. It is also expedient to not damage the home that you have left or the home that you are moving into. Most things are susceptible to damage. However, during a move, the floor is the major victim of wear and tear especially a hardwood flooring due to the constant sheer forces directed to it.

Nevertheless, there are certain tips outlined below on how to protect your flooring during a move.

You should not drag heavy furniture across the floor

Furniture may be heavy to carry, but that is not good excuse especially when your floor is at stake. Dragging heavy objects across the floor will not only scratch it but also gouge up a huge part of the floor.

Seek additional labour force

It is prudent to always ask for help when you move so that you can comfortably carry your belongings without damaging your floor. Additionally, extra hands helping you will make moving easier and ensure that you finish faster. There are companies that usually help families to move hence your worry of where to get support is fully covered.

Desist from dropping heavy appliances or materials directly to the floor

Denting your floor is equally as bad as cracking it. By dropping delicate things on the floor you not only damage your floor but you also subject your appliance to a potential risk of total breakdown.

Use a Ram board

This is an important floor protector often used during construction but can be helpful during moving. It is usually available in rolls and hence easier to carry. This feature also makes it easy to spread on the floor. You can also shape it to fit the space that you want protected.

You can use a Masonite

Masonite is a protective hard board that can appropriately shield your floors. It is laid on top of the floor where you feel is much more susceptible to damage when you move. These hard boards are usually sold in sheets measuring 4×8. They are not flexible enough hence are less preferred to Ram boards.

Always leave the floor clean

Finally as you set to move from your home, do well to leave the floor clean for the next occupants. Similarly, you should strive to clean the floor of your new home immediately after you move to get rid of any dust and debris that might settle on your electronics.

Although these are not the only tips for protecting your floor when you move, extra care should be taken to protect your floor. The type of floor doesn’t really count when it comes to protection as you move. Hardwood flooring, laminate or tile floors are equally susceptible to damage.

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    Nice blog. i am very happy. Your blog is really helpful for those who love his flooring. Thank you.

  • Andrew Agar

    Every detail you’ve put here is so useful for us. keep it up

  • Jenny

    My husband and I are thinking about getting hardwood floors installed in our home and are looking for tips to maintain it. I like that you suggest putting felt under furniture to prevent it from scratching the floor if it moves. We have a couple of old rugs that might work perfectly for this very thing. Thanks for the help!

  • Johim

    You may discover carpet padding that has been attached with hundreds of staples or adhesive. You may find an enormous amount of dirt that shifted through the carpet. Do not be surprise to find pet stains or other similar stains in the hardwood floors.

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