How to Care for Your Laminate Flooring

Most families prefer laminate flooring due to its durability and longevity. It is also very easy to maintain. Proper cleaning and maintenance can ensure that it lives up to its reputation to the fullest. Take a look at a few of those guidelines here:

  • Dry mopping instead of sweeping

Conventional brooms are not best for cleaning laminate floors since many particles are left behind that may scratch the floor. Instead, vacuum cleaners or dry mops are a better substitute. You can also use a damp cloth. Since the surface layer is very hard and dirt does not stick to it, cleaning it gently will do the trick. For a cleaning agent you can either buy a branded laminate floor cleaner easily available in hardware stores or simply a combination of water and vinegar will work as well.

  • Removing stains

If you spill some liquid ensure that it is mopped up immediately; do not let it rest and seep into insides as that will ruin the floorboards. Rub the area with a damp cloth gently. If the spot is tough to remove, moisten a clean piece of cloth with nail polish remover or acetone and wipe it off. For chewing gums or candle wax, swipe the area with ice and then scrape it off with a plastic scraper. Avoid wax-based products, water, soap, detergent and any such other cleaning materials.

  • Buffing for extra shine

Everybody likes super shiny floors and for that extra shine there is nothing like a good buff with a clean dry piece of cloth after the basic cleaning has been done. However, make sure that the buffing is done as gently as possible.

  • Protecting the floor
  1. Place entry mats or rugs to collect substances like sand, dirt, oil and asphalt. Mats of natural materials that do not bleed colour are great options. Vinyl rug underlayment can be used so that area rugs do not slip and move.
  2. While placing heavy furniture, floor protectors and furniture pads can help minimize scratches or damages. Appliances and furniture legs can be fitted with protective felt pads.
  3. Clean spills or stains as soon as possible.
  4. If you have pets, make sure that their nails are trimmed on a regular basis to prevent scratches.
  5. Try to maintain humidity levels between 35% and 65%.
  6. Avoid sliding heavy objects on the floor; rather lift them for repositioning.
  7. For small dents or scratches use colour-fill materials that are easily available in household stores.

These are some very simple household tricks which will ensure that your laminate floors stay looking brand new and spotless. A little day-to-day care will enable you to remain proud of your home for a longer period of time.

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