Remodeling a Staircase? Here 4 Things You Need to Know

Whether adding a new floor, doing a home-makeover or installing custom staircase is a good move. However, proper implementation of this idea is not easy. Before you start, it’ll be critical to answer these four questions.

1) What is the layout of the building?

Your home’s layout is the deciding factor when remodeling or installing a new staircase. If you have a spacious home or office, you’ll have the option of installing something like a large hardwood staircase. If the area is small, then your options are more limited.

Because the layout of your home is such a determining factor, you’ll need to consult an expert to look over your plans. What you don’t want, if to buy all the materials and then find out mid-construction that your plan won’t work.

2) Who will be using the stairs?

A customized staircase can add a lot to the aesthetics of your home, but the style you choose needs to be based on utility. How often it’s going to be used and by whom are important matters to figure out.

For example, if there are a lot of younger people in a home or office, then wooden stars will likely be appreciated. However, if you have elderly family members at home, then the same wooden stairs will be an obstacle.

A custom staircase should always have function and safety at the fore-front. Style and design come second.

3) How often will the stairs be used?

The amount of use the stairs will have should determine what type of stairs gets installed. Will the stairs be used frequently or just occasionally? The answer to this question will suggest which should be the attribute you’ll most—sturdiness or aesthetics. If the stairs will see plenty of use, then something more plain, but with greater resistance to wear and tear will be best. If the stairs will see infrequent use, then installing something more elaborate could be the better option.

4) What material do you want for the stairs?

The answer to this question depends on what you answered for questions 1-3. For example, if you have a small home, then it wouldn’t make sense to install sprawling granite stairs. Likewise, as mentioned, wooden stairs might be what you want, but if the building has a lot of elderly people, the decision will be impractical.

Installing or remodeling stairs is a lot of work. But, by carefully considering what you want, how it will be used, and the layout of your home or office, some of the work needn’t be so complicated. Regardless of what you choose, be sure to call an expert. Even consulting with one can save you several hours and a headache.

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