Top 5 Hardwood Flooring Companies in Canada

Hardwood is very popular in Canada. However, when it comes to purchasing this flooring option, it will do you well to know where to get them from. This is our list of the top 10 locations in Canada

In Canada, Hardwood flooring is very popular.  There are so many companies who sale hardwood flooring in a Canada.  We have tried our best to show you top 5 companies who provides best hardwood flooring in Canada.

The Woods Company

The Woods Company specialized in reclaimed wood. This company have quality reclaimed wood  and they make it available in quite cost effective prices. They get their wood from barns and processing best hardwood flooring in Canada.

The Columbia Flooring Company

This is also a popular suppliers of engineered hardwood flooring in Canada. This company provides various forms of hardwood with  highest quality. This is a good choice if you’re looking for engineered flooring.

Canadian Flooring Management

This is  best hardwood supplier in the whole of Toronto of Canada. They have different  outlets and showrooms all over Canada.  You will get any types of hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring from this company.


Bruce provides  experience that will definitely leave you with a more alluring hardwood floor. Bruce provides best interior painting, floor sanding, and laminate flooring installation.

Hardwood Design Centre

Hardwood Design Centre is most popular brand of hardwood flooring in a Canada. They are able to produce quality hardwood flooring, whether in solid or engineered specs. You will get wide range of products that is able to meet the requirement.  They are continuously upgrading their inventory with new product range. They have reached a height where goodwill and trust are the true assets. You will sure get best hardwood flooring in a Canada when you visit to Hardwood Design Centre store.

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