Laminate Flooring – Maintenance and Care by Hardwood Design Centre

Hardwood Design Centre laminates come in wide range of lengths, thickness’s and width’s coupled with endless features to cater to the continually growing demand of Laminate flooring in Canadian homes. Whether you opt for luxury Vinyl flooring or the more economical ones, Hardwood Design Centre has it all!

The Hardwood Design Centre research team insures that our products are comprised of environment and pet friendly components. Latest technology is used to produce our laminates to provide features like the 4-sided micro bevel. Healthy components and latest technologies make our laminates one of the longest lasting laminates in the industry.

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Our product combined with a few general Laminate flooring maintenance and care tips is all you need for a healthy and long lasting laminate flooring at your home.

Laminate Flooring – Maintenance and Care

  1. Avoid steam cleaners or wet mops. Occasional use of steam mops and cleaners is permissible. However, daily use may expose your Laminate flooring to too excessive water causing your laminate floor to damage.
  2. To wipe off tough stains from oils, paints, lipsticks, markers, inks, etc., use acetone or nail polish remover on a clean, soft cloth.
  3. Avoid using detergents or soap based cleaners on you laminate floors as they might damage the finish of your Laminate floors.
  4. Avoid using strong, abrasive cleaning material such as steel wool and scotch brite. This might damage your laminate floors texture and surface.
  5. For homes with pets, place mats under pet water bowls. This will help prevent any water damage.


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