How to Clean and Maintain Your Exotic Jatoba Hardwood Floor

Jatoba hardwood, also known as the Brazilian Cherry, is one of the most beautiful and popular exotic hardwood flooring options. With its dramatic dark red or blood-orange colour, Jatoba is the ultimate luxurious flooring with Janka hardnessof 2350 Pound-Force. It’s twice as hard, strong and resilient than red oak.

Its hardness makes Jatoba extremely durable hardwood flooring that’s resistant to dents, scratches, tear and wear from high traffic. However, you should clean and maintain your exotic Jatoba flooring properly to keep it shining and looking like new. Below are some useful tips.

  1. Dust or Vacuum Regularly

Jatoba hardwood floors accumulate dust particles quickly. Vacuum every 2-3 days to avoid dust, dirt, grime, and pet hair accumulation using the right type of vacuum cleaner. Usually, a light-weight vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction power without a beater brush that can scratch the hardwood floor is considered ideal. If you move around with dust and grime on your Jatoba floor, the macro gravels and particles can grind against the finish of your hardwood floor creating permanent damage. If you’re not fond of vacuuming or don’t have the right vacuum cleaner, you can dust your floor with a soft bristle broom or a dry microfiber dust mop.

  1. Use a Cleaning Solution

After vacuuming, you can clean your Jatoba floors with a simple home-made cleaning solution. It’s safe for your hardwood. Here are a few ways you can make your DIY cleaners –

  • Water and Dishwashing Liquid Mix: It’s one of the simplest ways to make a DIY cleaning solution for your Jatoba floors. Take a bucket of warm water and mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid into it. Spray this mixture on your microfiber mop to make it damp and clean your floor. You can use a cotton rag floor mop instead if you feel working with microfiber is difficult for a larger area as it tends to drag. But make sure that your cotton rag mop isn’t too wet. After you’re done with mopping, wipe the floor dry with a clean absorbent towel.
  • Water and Vinegar Mix: This is another DIY cleaning solution you can use. Add half a cup of white vinegar to 3.5 litres of water and mix well. The acetic acid present in vinegar will help cut the grime and grease without leaving any residue like detergent cleaners. Clean the floor in the same process mentioned above with a microfiber mop or a sponge mop. Don’t forget to wipe the floor dry after mopping.
  1. Manufacturer Approved Cleaners

You can buy ready-made cleaning solutions from your hardwood manufacturer or at any store-front. They’re chemically designed for your Jatoba hardwood flooring and come packed in a spray bottle. You just need to spray it on a mop to clean your floor. There are also some other varieties of commercial cleaners available for hardwood in the market that come as concentrated liquids. You need to mix it with water before using. Follow the instructions provided in the manufacturer’s label thoroughly.

When it comes to maintaining Brazilian Cherry or Jatoba hardwood flooring,always make sure not to allow water or spills sit on top of the floor. It can potentially damage your hardwood floor. Use area rugs in heavy traffic areas like the doorways and ask everyone to take off their shoes, if you can. Use furniture caps to avoid accidental scraping and keep your pet nails groomed.

Jatoba hardwood can make any space look elegant and exclusive and it’ll also add to the value of your home if you think of selling it. Always go for high-quality products from reputed hardwood specialty stores.

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