DIY: Get Creative with Your Leftover Floor Boards

Whether you are installing hardwood or laminate floors, leftover floor boards are inevitable. Despite carefully doing all the calculations, you’re still likely to end up with extra planks.

Now the question is, what to do with those extra floor boards? Some people suggest storing it for future repairs, while other just say to throw them away. Don’t do either. Instead, use them creatively!

Think outside the box and try some DIY projects to reuse your scrap wood planks.

1) Wooden Coasters

This is one of the easiest ways to turn your extra floor boards into something useful. Cut the plank into a square of 11 x 11cm and sand the edges to make it smooth. After you get a perfect square, cut other planks to make a set of 6. Varnish the coasters for a shiny finish and to make them moisture and heat resistant. You can experiment with shapes by ditching squares and instead opting for circles, hexagons, etc.

2) A Doormat

Your scrap wood planks can be converted into a doormat for a sheltered area. Cut the floor boards into lengths of 18 inches. Drill four holes of 0.25 (1/4) inch at equal distance on the sides. Use a string to tie all the boards (a simple overhand knot) together through the side holes. Your new doormat is now ready!

3) A Coat Rack

For this DIY, all you need is a single plank of wood with a few coat hooks. Repeat the same process of sanding the edges as for the coasters. You can customize the look of your coat rack by covering it up with an attractive wallpaper or fabric to match your room décor. Drill and screw the hooks on the plank and mount it on the wall.

4) Name Plates or Sign Boards

This is one of the simplest and the most creative ways of using some extra laminate floor boards. Take one plank of leftover laminate flooring, paint it with a dark colour and write your message with chalk paint. Mount the board by drilling it on the wall or attaching a string to it. You can use this method to create fun name plates and sign boards with funny messages.

5) A Photo Frame

A nice wooden photo frame will make your pictures look great. Cut the wooden planks as per the size of your photo print. Remember to cut the corners at an angle of 45 degrees to fit it together. Nail the pieces of the frame together and smooth out the edges. Add a glass in the front and some scrap wood at the back with some space to put the picture.

Recycling leftover floor boards is a better option than throwing them away. They can be used in great ways by kids, artists and DIYers. Make unique items by implementing these ideas and share them with your friends!

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