Benefits of Engineered Flooring with Uniclic Mechanism

Real wood flooring, derived directly from nature, is beautiful with many combinations of grain patterns, shades of color and durability. However, because it has a lot of breathability, it’s vulnerable to changes in moisture.

Not knowing this, you might pay for a hardwood floor and then pay to have it installed. Over time, and with changing humidity levels, you will start to see the splitting or shrinking of the planks because of moisture.

To get the benefits of real wood flooring while avoiding the cons, there is engineered flooring. With proper maintenance and keeping on it just a standard finish, engineered hardwood floors can continue giving value more than a decade afterwards.

The Dual Strength of Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring planks are reinforced because they have a carefully crafted architecture. They will give your home the elegance of real wood while also providing it with long-term structural stability.

  • Each plank has a cross-sectional multilayer. This makes it resistant to moisture damage. It is this bonded structure that gives engineered planks inbuilt dimensional stability.
  • Engineered floors are simple to install because of their simple click and lock installation. Just click and lock the planks together in place, no need for nails and glue. By using this form of installation, the planks will float over the sub-layer allowing it to remain away from water trapped in the floor below.

Installation Process – Unique ‘Uniclic’ Mechanism

  1. Prior to installation, acclimatize the underlayment. This will help protect your engineered floor from moisture. Once this is done, you can begin installing the uniclic engineered flooring planks.
  2. Use spacer bars to keep a gap between the planks and the wall in case of expansion. When they are in place, take two planks and join them to one another; but keep the grooved side exposed to receive the tongue of the planks in the second row. Continue setting them this way until you reach the bottom of the row.
  3. When you reach the bottom, the remaining space might be less than a plank. Mark the space length with a pencil and then saw off the remaining plank. Use the cut plank to complete the first row.
  4. When setting the second row, remember that the uniclic planks are designed to be locked together. Bring the tongue inside the groove and click to join them together. Listen for the click. Once you hear it, place the plank down.
  5. Continue to lock the planks in every row until you reach the other end of the wall. You will notice that when you reach the end of a row, the space of the gap is less than the length of a plank or spacer bar. Simply apply the same procedure that you did for step three to fix this issue.

With an engineered floor and the uniclic method of installation, you will save you money, energy and time. You won’t need adhesives or nails. Simply click and lock the planks and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful new floor.

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