All Worries Related to Your Engineered Floors End Here

Wonder why you may need to think about maintenance even before the engineered floor has been installed? Engineered flooring option facilitates you with real wood at affordable rates. Once you decide to invest and benefit from this flooring option, don’t let the thought of maintenance trouble you. It is absolutely easy to care for engineered wood floors.

Before Installation

  • Although, engineered wood is intellectually made more resistive to gapping, yet it is wood after all and will inevitably respond to change in moisture content. The consequences won’t be visible to you immediately after installation, but with seasonal change, careless managing may result in undesired splits and gaps. Thus, prior to installation, make sure other phases of construction that deal with wet products like cement, plaster or paint are already done and dried. The area for engineered floor should have doors and windows for proper ventilation.
  • Once the flooring materials reach your home, it will be unwise to install them immediately. Instead, stack the packages properly so that air circulates around the planks and let them stand for a few days. This will help the flooring material to adjust with environmental conditions of the place, it is meant to be installed on.
  • The sub floor should be properly levelled to avoid any situation of uneven settlement of engineered plank to discomfort your feet. To make things better, you can place a foam underlay integrated with water barrier for dual usage. The underlay will not only manage the bumpy areas but also prevent water from reaching your engineered floor. Once, these minor things have been done, you can go ahead with the process of installation.

After Installation

  • Now, that you can comprehend the relation between moisture and wood; once the engineered floor has been installed, you need to be wary about protecting the floor from unnecessary accumulation of water. It doesn’t mean that you cannot mop your engineered floors. After you free the floor of dust, dirt or pet furs, a damp mop on a regular basis will be sufficient.
  • When things fall accidentally on the top layer, dents get formed. A pet may scratch and destroy the lustrous top layer. How long will you prevent the little pets from entering a room or it is possible to have control over reflexes to avert an unintentional dropping of object? Rather you can place a thick rug to protect the engineered floor from disagreeable damages.
  • In case a hollow presence and scrape mark becomes too much for you to show to your visitors; then there is nothing to fret, as you have bought your home the competence of engineered floor. The planks can be sanded and waxed all over again. Not only can you replace a particular plank but also the entire floor.

Purchase engineered planks that can be installed via click and lock system. It makes the floor float and stay away from leaked water. Moreover, the more tightly the planks are joined, the less will be the amount of water seeping through the seams.

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