How to Care for the Staircases and Railings

Well-constructed stairs and railings, which connect two floors, are able to stabilize your abode. They add to the personalizing quotient of your home. The diversity of appearances is so marvellous that rather than being a fundamental support provider; modern décor empowers you to ornate your dwelling place with arresting staircases.

Some Popular Arrangements of Stairs and Railings:

All wood staircases: Framed out of maple or oak wood, an all wood staircase consists of handrails which are oval or have grooved sides; post with a ball on top and pickets.

Combination of wood and metal: Here, the post and the handrails are made of oak, but the pickets are carved out of metal. These metallic pickets often have collars present in alternate manner. To heighten the stylish fusion, the post has a square cap with carefully cut chamfered edges.

Blending wood and glass: No, the two things are not brought together haphazardly. Instead, the presence of glass is enclosed with wood to intensify the allurement. Treads, handrails and posts are made of wood, but the railings are composed of clear glass.

Metallic railing: The dominating factor of this type of stairway is its impressive ornamental railings, cut out of metal. While wood constitutes the other staircase parts, metal creates the curvy and artistic turns in the railings.

As you can witness, irrespective of the design taken into consideration, wood remains the primary participant in the formation of stairways. Every construction material, no matter how sturdy, is susceptible to weariness. Although solid wood has great inbuilt strength, yet with prolonged usage it is likely to get damaged.

Wonder What To Do In Such Case?

  • Begin the cleaning process with simple dusting of the handrails and pickets with a brush. Broom the dirt and debris out of the stairs.
  • Next comes mopping. Soft cloth or microfiber is suitable for wood as it is coated with protective finish.
  • It is appropriate to use only the cleaner which suits the variety of the finish applied.
  • Use a large soft-fibre cloth or rag to absorb the excess cleaner or water present on the wooden stairs, handrails and posts.

Molds are also problematic agents, active all time to degrade the look and health of your wooden stair flights. When you do casual mopping, the molds seem to go away. But in reality, mold is not that hassle-free to deal with. You need to buy a fitting disinfectant to destroy the mold spores.

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