Best Things Walnut Hardwood Flooring Has to Offer

Walnut hardwood, also known as Acacia, has gained immense popularity in recent years. This kind of material is hard, rigid, strong and has great dimensional stability. These hardwood floors are available in different colors ranging from snow white to deep brown. Let’s discuss why walnut hardwood can serve your purpose better.

  • Factory finish: Walnut hardwood floors come with factory finish. It consists of protective coats of polyurethane, aluminum oxide or a combination of both. This type of finish protects the floor from minor daily wear and tear. The recent factory finishes have been made in a way so that hardwood floors are more scratch-resistant. If you buy unfinished flooring, it will have to undergo protective finish after installing the floors. However, the quality of finishing will not be that good as it had been in factory finish.
  • Different colors: Walnut hardwood is found in three colors or stains. The most common color is natural that has a protective finish and remains unstained. The natural walnut wood has wide range of colors starting from dark to light. Another common shade is cherry or cinnamon that has red tints to provide a semi-formal and sophisticated look. The final shade you might choose is stain that is also known as Toffee or Smoke. Walnut floors that are smoke stained look quite similar to black Walnut. Although the stains aren’t extremely dark or black, yet it has a darker hue compared to the others in this segment.
  • Obtain two samples: You should ask for at least two samples of Walnut floors before choosing one for your home. Asian Walnut or Acacia wood has different features between every board. By getting two samples, you will get an idea of how the floors will look like. After you decide to pick a specific color or dealer, make sure you purchase one box initially. Once you get the box, lay it out in your home to be sure that you have chosen the right color and style. Though you may or may not be able to send the box to the dealer, your initial investment will be less than if you had purchased the complete set.
  • Natural grain: Walnut wood has a distinct natural grain pattern and is used for nail down installation. It has loose and rotating grain pattern that is another unique feature of this type of hardwood. This may allure you to use walnut hardwood for the floors based on your taste and choice.

Walnut hardwood floors are attractive and affordable. If you are looking for the type of floor that will last for years, then choosing Walnut is a great option for your home. Before settling for a particular one for your need, try to see and feel as many varieties as available.

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