Simple ways to take care of Wooden Flooring at home

Wooden floors look simple awesome, lending an air of elegance and sophistication to a home. However, maintaining the rich look of wooden flooring can be quite challenging. At the same time you avoid cleaning the floors because doing so will ruin the look and texture over a period of time. This makes it important to know and master certain basic ways to clean the flooring. Here we share a comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts if for this kind of flooring.


  1. Sweep, dust, mop, vacuum, clean floors at regular intervals. Sweeping or vacuum cleaning is better as you have lesser risk of scratches as compared to moping or using other abrasive cleaners.
  2. Place mats and rugs wherever you can, especially in the kitchen area, where use of water, detergents and food particles. This is also recommended to high traffic areas and areas with high probability of spills.
  3. Keep door mats inside and outside the entrance to avoid dust and sand particles from coming into the house.
  4. Move and rearrange furniture and carpets periodically.
  5. Maintain the optimum humidity levels inside the house to prevent wooden floors from being damaged. Keep a pad or mat beneath furniture while moving them. Direct contact between the furniture and floor will cause scratches. Use a humidifier during winter months.
  6. Do trim the nails and claws of pets if any to prevent scratches from appearing on the floor.


  1. Avoid delays in wiping of spills of any kind of the floor to avoid staining of the floor. Also make sure that you use a soft cloth for the purpose.
  2. Avoid walking in with heels like stilettos, cleats, sports shoes or other sharp heels. It is best to remove shows at the entrance and walk in bare feet or with slippers that are used exclusively indoors.
  3. Do not use common cleaning agents to clean floors. Use only the ones that are especially for the floor as they may leave you with undesired results. Also be careful about not pouring any cleaner directly on the floor.
  4. Avoid cleaning the floor with water. You can use a damp cloth but not water directly.
  5. Do not change the indoor temperature of your house to extremes often. Such fluctuations can damage wooden flooring.
  6. Ensure that you protect the flooring from direct sunlight. In fact direct sunlight is very harsh and can harm not only the floor but also other furniture in the room. Install window coverings like blinds, veneers, shades, curtains, etc. to diffuse sunlight filtering in to the room. The same holds true for any kind of intense and strong artificial lighting.
  7. Do not use ammonia on a wooden floor.

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