The Benefits of Installing Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a perfectly green substitute to wood flooring and has captured the imagination of homeowners and architects alike. Hard woods like oak take 120 years to grow but bamboo will grow in 3 years and it even regenerates on its own. No need to replant it. With a minimal need for fertilization, bamboo grows in various parts of the tropical world, and is sourced to different countries. This makes bamboo one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options for your home.

One of the benefits of installing bamboo flooring is that you need fewer chemicals to clean the floor. Even during its growth, it needs fewer pesticides and fertilizers since it is resilient to bugs and insects. A natural anti-bacterial property occurring in bamboo also makes it an excellent raw material for garments and bed sheets. Versatility is definitely one of the greatest traits of bamboo, which makes it an apt substitute for hardwood floors as well.

The growing conditions of this member of the grass family prepare it to be resistant to moisture and dampness. Temperate, tropical climates are the best conditions for growing bamboo, which is why flooring made out of it is suitable for areas that are prone to high humidity within the home, like the kitchen and bathroom. Growing in soils that absorb a lot of water, it acquires water resistant properties. Unlike other woods, it won’t even shrink or expand along with a change in the weather. Usually a shift in humidity causes wood to change its dimensions, but with bamboo, you’d be free of those worries.

Cleaning your green floors is easier for there is no need to wipe it, until of course there is sticky grime on the floor. It cleans easily and usually and swipe and a mop should do the trick.

Another reason why architects and homeowners alike have warmed up to the idea of bamboo flooring in homes as well as commercial spaces is its hardiness. It makes for a tough flooring solution, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Since it is tougher than hardwoods, it scratches less too. You can finally stop worrying about damaging or chipping your floor if you drop a heavy object on it.

Installing certain flooring solutions on sub-floors or basements sometimes poses a handicap because they cannot withstand the change in humidity in the basement. Bamboo flooring withstands these changes easily and is a suitable solution for basement areas of your home.

When installing bamboo flooring talk to an expert flooring solutions provider for a wide variety of options. You will find a wide variety of colors and strains with leading providers, and can also get help installing it.

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