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Obsession hand scraped floors emphasize the natural beauty and character of each wood species. The outer beauty of Obsession hand scraped Seasons Stable Sawn showcases one of the most stable platforms in the industry. Seasons Stable Sawn trademarked platform is handcrafted with hardwood strips, which are uniform in density and lay across each piece of the floor. This platform works similar to the ribs in a boat or canoe, holding the floor together and making the product more resistant to humidity changes in your home, in
comparison to all other hardwood, engineered plywood, or constructive flooring products.

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Hickory Silvernight

6 X 3/4 – Obsession Wire Brushed Solid Stable

21.95 Sqft/Box (Obession 6 X 3/4 Wire Brushed Solid Stable Hickory))


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